<How to make Ramen with Big green Paa>

I made Rame with some Vegetables, Specially big green paa.

My cooking skill is evolving….



<Tomato Sports>

1. Tomato Soccer

2. Tomato Baseball

3. Tomato Tennis

4. Tomato Basketball



<Intro for Video Project#1>



<A Idiot’s Cooking Class!>

I was Just hungry at that night….

All my family were sleeping at that time.

I can find a piece of onion, green pepper and two eggs.

And then, the Nightmare begun….

Chapter 1. Kill Veges..

you have to chop onion and green pepper.

Caution : It can make you cry.


Chapter 2. Kill eggs and Mix them..

Break eggs into bowl.

Mix with chopped vegetables.


Chapter 3. Fire and Pan

Prepare pan with oil and make fire.

Let in mixed egg into pan.


Chapter 4. Your hand is not yours

Bake mixed eggs on the pan.

Fold eggs… It’s really difficult work.

Good luck.


Chapter 5. Plating

Turn upside down to bake eggs.

Set plate on table and put eggs on it.


Chapter 6. Epilogue











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